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What if you come home late at night and search for the house keys in your purse and you do not find them? The first thing you do is curse yourself for not keeping a spare key under your doormat or inside a flower pot.

There are many questions as well that keep on hopping up in our minds like where do I get my spare keys, where do they cut keys, what is the cost of keys cutting, etc. Such questions hop on only when you go through the above-mentioned problem and that is why you must go through this article to know Ottawa Locksmith Services and answers to all the questions mentioned above.

Ottawa Locksmith Services

How long does it take to cut the keys?

For cutting small keys or “Yale” keys, it usually takes a minute or two to cut, 25-30 seconds to hunt the right key blank, to cut it takes 5-10 seconds and 10-15 seconds for the preparation of the key for you. However, for larger keys or “Chubb” keys, it takes a longer time, up to 5-10 minutes.

What is the cost of key cutting?

The average cost of the key starts at $4. Below is a list of prices for different keys cutting:

  1. Basic Yale Key: mostly $4
  2. Mortice and Chubb Key: about$5
  3. Safe Keys: price starts from $15

Double-bitted safe keys take more time and are expensive.

The prices for this procedure depend on the Locksmith from Ottawa the type of key since different keys need different blanks; some blanks are expensive.

Ottawa Locksmith Services

Can locksmiths cut the key from a broken one?

It is possible only if the broken parts are available. Locksmiths can find the key blank. They can then cut a new one for you which can be used with your current lock. Even if the pieces are too damaged, locksmiths are very talented and can make a new key for you.

What if I break my key in the lock?

Here, only a locksmith’s phone number can help you. Ottawa Locksmith Services can remove the broken pieces of your key from the lock and a new key can be cut using a key machine.

Ottawa Locksmith ServicesWhat is a ’Do Not Duplicate’ / ‘Do Not Copy’key?

Keys that have such signs written are the ones owned either by an owner or the landlord of a property. These words are written to stop the duplicate copies being produced. Keys like these are called restricted keys.

Can locksmiths make a key that is restricted?

There is no such key that cannot be replicated, and locksmiths can produce all sorts of patented keys even if it is difficult to copy. Keys that have a mechanical element like in security keys are difficult to copy, although not impossible.

How can locksmiths cut a restricted key?

This work requires a lot of legalization. If you know exactly which Locksmith originally gave the key, then you can simply contact him and ask for additional keys.