Why Garage Door Springs in Ottawa Break?

One of the major problems faced by the house owners when it comes to door maintenance is the garage door torsion spring failure. The door torsion spring is solely responsible in supporting the entire weight of the door while opening and closing. As door spring bears most of the weight, it affects some door models with several hundred pounds of pressure. Due to this pressure, the garage door springs are expected to break sooner. It has to be kept in mind too well-maintain the garage door springs for long-life of the doors for many years, but however neglecting them will create problems that eventually need to spring replacement.garage door Ottawa

Below are a few major reasons due to which garage door Ottawa springs break:

  1. Wear and Tear—In general, it is known that torsion springs are not designed for a long time. Even the strongest and most flexible steel spring will eventually are supposed to warp and deform after the longer usage. Usually, a residential garage door spring is rated for about ten thousand individual opening and closing cycles. Industrial and commercial springs can withstand up to four times as many cycles at nearly double the price, providing value to property owners who choose to invest in high-quality springs. Wear and tear is one of the most common reasons for the breakage of garage door spring. As the garage door Ottawa spring is dependent on the opening and closing cycle number, the door is under a lot of pressure. The cheaper springs can be rated for around ten thousand cycles with a proper installation, while other more expensive springs can be rated for more than double that. This shows that the while installing the garage door, one has to check the quality along with the cost of the garage door.

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  1. Bad Maintenance— The garage door spring breakage in Ottawa is also dependant on the way it has been maintained or balanced. For instance, a properly balanced and well-maintained garage door will last for years beyond the expectations. Inappropriate maintenance, however, may cause more damage than good. The maintenance of the garage door spring can be done through the quality check performed by the garage door company at least once a year, preferably during the winter when springs are expected to fail frequently. A professional maintenance call should include lubrication of the springs, chain, and motor assembly as well as a check for door balance.

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  1. Rust—It plays a major role in the garage door springs breakage in Ottawa, and it can break even the toughest and the most flexible garage door Ottawa springs. It weakens the core of the steel coil while increasing friction, eventually snapping the spring in half. This would also require an annual maintenance from the garage door company. This would include a routine check-up for reducing rust built-up by spraying the coil with WD-40 at least four times a year. This lubricant will prevent rust from building up and keeps the garage door spring operational.